Delicious Donair

Enjoy a delicious donair from Martha’s Pizza 2 in Hammond Plains and Bedford. You can now order donair from our Bedford location online! Get donair delivered to your door anywhere in the Bedford area, or stop by our location for pick-up.

Choose from our sizes below, and order online! *Online ordering only for residents in the Bedford area.

Small: $6.95 (extra cheese: $1.75) Medium: $8.95 (extra cheese: $1.95) Large: $13.95 (extra cheese: $2.55)

Donair plate comes with donair meat, onions, tomatoes, cheese, sauce over fries
and oven baked


Add $1.00 to make your donair meat gluten-free.
Add Don eggrolls: 1 for $2.75, or 3 for $6.95

Order Online!